Verification of Accounts

Getting your Naijadonors account verified has many advantages, especially if you have a personal branding or professional account.

Naijadonors verifies accounts that belong to celebrities and famous personalities who might be subject of identity theft on the social networks. Verifying a Naija Donors account is a way to prove that the profile account is legitimate.

The green verified badge on Naija Donors lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

This does not in any way implies that accounts without this verification are not authentic, that's not the case, this is mainly to help avoid theft identity of famous users. 

The badge appears next to the name on an account’s profile and next to the account name in search results. It is always the same color and placed in the same location, regardless of profile or theme color customizations. 

Accounts that don’t have the badge next to their name but that display it somewhere else, for example in the profile photo, header photo, or bio, are not verified accounts.

Verified badges must be applied by Naijadonors team, and accounts that use a badge as a part of profile photos, background photos, or in any other way that implies verified status, are subject to permanent account suspension.

What types of accounts get verified?

An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.

A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Naija Donors.

How to verify my account

Naijadonors require some information before verifying your account.

1. A reason for why your account should be verified.

2. Documentation to prove your identity such as a driver’s license or passport.

3. You must provide links to help demonstrate your identity like your webpage or the one of the business you represent.

4. Your username 

Mail the following informations to we'll respond to you with further steps...