How it works

How easy it is

Step 1

REGISTER: To be able to raise funds in any capacity, i.e. individuals, Alumnus, Charities, Religious Organisation, Corporate Organisation, Political Organisations, etc, a 5mins registration process is required on Registration information provided is kept discretely and not shared with any third party.

Step 2

CREATE PORTAL: When Registration is complete, you can now create a fund raising portal for the cause/project in which you want to embark upon. Your portal can include short stories, pictures, videos and any relevant information you need to publish your cause. When portal is created you broadcast your portal link for donations to start.

Step 3

RECEIVE DONATIONS: At the completion or expiry of donation period, funds raised through NaijaDonors would be handed over to you.

Step 4

CHANGE LIVES: Time to GO AHEAD and make your DREAM happen, CHANGING LIVES.