Jennifer Shaku Needs a Heart surgery

Jennifer Detso Shaku, a 17 year old girl diagnosed of Rheumatic heart disease, this is a condition in which a permanent damage to the heart valves is caused by rheumatic fever, this causes complications where the heart fails and is unable to pump blood effectively. The illness started far back as 2012, it all started with a severe headache which comes along with dizziness, she was faced with difficulty in breathing properly.

Jennifer Detso is the first daughter and child of Mrs. Margaret Shaku, a widow who lost her husband Bro. Joseph D. Shaku in 2015, the parent’s where both an active member of the Knight of St. John Int’l even till the point of the husband’s death and further.

Jennifer Detso Shaku is currently a secondary school student at government model school in makurdi, Benue state, but with this illness, she finds it difficult going to school due to her inability to sit upright, the situation got out of hand on the 12th day of January 2020, when she went to register her UTME, where she fell down and collapsed, it was at that point that she was admitted into the Federal medical center in Makurdi Benue state, where she was prescribed to be needing 5 pint of blood, and currently just about 2 pint has been afforded and administered.


Jennifer Detso Shaku was earlier taken to a hospital in Abuja named Primus International Supper specialist hospital, where she was declared to be needing an urgent Mitral valve replacement, the hospital gave a bill of 7 million naira, this includes her operation cost and also her travel expenses, alongside the travel expenses of her beloved mother to India.


The Shaku’s family is dependably soliciting for good philanthropist Nigerians and even the ones in Diaspora, to help them raise the 7 million naira for the Mitral valve replacement operation, the family is unable to raise money for this project as the family is currently headed by the poor widowed mother, Mrs. Margaret Shaku, your little and large donations towards this campaign can go a long way towards saving this life, you are her only hope to live, your contributions will save her.

Also don’t forget to share this campaign to your social media handles and friends, help could come from anywhere.

PIC 1: Scan report from Del Scan Service

Scan report from Del Scan Service

PIC 2: Scan report from Del Scan Service

PIC 3: Picture of both parents as Knight of St. John International.

Picture of both parents as Knight of St. John International.

PIC 4: Certificate of both parents as Knight of St. John International.

Knight Certificate of both parents
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    i wish you get well soon by God grace

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