Pad a Girl in Nigeria #PadAGirlNg 2020


#PadAGirlNg initiative was introduced by Naija Donors with the aim of supporting menstrual hygiene amongst poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria schools and communities. #PadAGirlNg Initiative is a project borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various form of stigmatization, abuse and health challenges as a result of their natural monthly cycle, Menstruation is a natural biological process, menstruation is not a taboo, Let us work together to keep the dreams of our women and girls, alive.

For most poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria, as signs of menstruation gets close, it serves as a constant reminder of the oncoming abuse and stigmatization they are about to face. What should be a proud period in their lives, turn out to be their most dreadful period.

For most of these girls, menstruation is a dream-killer because they never get to attend schools during menstruation. While for others who cannot afford a good menstrual pad, they rely on old rags and leaves as alternatives. There is no gainsaying the detrimental health challenges faced by these poor girls and women as a result of these unhygienic practices. Some are sexually abused in their quest to look for money to buy menstrual pads.


  1. According to UNESCO, 1 out of 10 African girls miss school during their menstrual period and eventually drop out of school
  2. Poor menstrual hygiene has a negative effect on the education and health of women and girls
  3. Women and girls in Nigeria are faced with various physical and emotional challenges in managing their menstruation
  4. The initiative is geared to end deep-rooted taboos, myths and misinformation on menstruation in Nigeria and most developing countries.
  5. In Nigeria, a sanitary pad cost an average of #400 per pack whereas most of the families live below the poverty threshold of #400 per day.

  1. Collaborate with renowned corporate bodies in Nigeria through long-term partnership, donations and sponsorship in finances for menstrual kits.
  2. Organize menstrual hygiene management training and workshops in Nigeria schools and communities.
  3. Organize menstrual hygiene management training and workshops in communities notable for menstrual myths and taboos
  4. Monthly donate thousands of sanitary pads to poor and vulnerable school children in Nigeria.

There’s a popular saying “You are likely to vomit your dreams if you take too much at a time” in respect to that, the Naija Donors team plan to take it one after another, from one state into another, we plan not to over-eat our dream. To run and excel in such a program, it is our plan to currently distribute a total of 5,000 sanitary pads to about 5,000 poor girls in Benue State communities, primary, and secondary schools. And for our long-term strategy we simply will duplicate the same project into all other 26 states (Abuja Inclusive) across Nigeria one after another, with due supports from coordinators of those respective states, support from the general public, partnerships with corporate and government bodies in each and every benefiting state.


It is our utmost vision to distribute these pads evenly across all 27 States (Abuja Inclusive), by this I mean we plan to deliver 5,000 packets per states monthly, except Lagos which is slotted for 10,000 packets, these should bring the number of our total monthly pad donation to become 190,000 packets. Averagely a good pad (1 Packet) that should last about 3 months can be purchased for a thousand naira, this indirectly means if we have about just 200,000 Nigerians to donate as HUGE as #1,000 each in a month, then we definitely should have been able to save over 190,000 girl child for 3 months. This strategy repeats month over months, and in 3 months we shall realize that we have been able to save over 570,000 girls before the first packets are finished. Funds raised for a particular month are used for execution in the forthcoming month, for example, donations made in January 2020, are summed up and the execution for that funds begins 3rd – 20th of February, while the funds raised during that February are summed and used for the month of March, between 3rd – 20th, donations for march used for the month of April, etc….


  1. Increased girls presence, confidence and concentration in school and school activities
  2. Reduced incidence of rape and abuse amongst poor school girls who are in search of money to purchase menstrual hygiene materials
  3. Reduced incidence of disease and death from unhygienic menstrual practices amongst girls
  4. Curb the spread of taboos and myths associated with menstruation
  5. Facilitate the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG #6) in Nigeria
  6. Increased knowledge of menstrual hygiene management amongst the young generation who would serve as change agents in their communities.
  7. To create a platform where girls can share their experiences, challenges and perspectives on the challenges of menstrual hygiene management in rural communities
  8. To provide 190,000 packets of sanitary pads to girls in these states (5,000 packets per states, except Lagos which is slotted for 10,000 packets) monthly.
  9. To bring different stake holders together to advocate for favorable menstrual health policy in Nigeria.

#PadAGirlNg initiative is a long-term initiative that accommodates and encourages partnerships from relevant stakeholders and renowned corporate bodies and most effectively the consistent crowdfunding from fellow Nigerians; hence our yearly proposal sets to seek out sponsorship that will help in the continuity of the project. Until we find a permanent solution that will beat cost and serve the purpose, we just have to continue with this our initiative model, don’t say reusable pads, NO, you can never be too sure of its Health and even Irritating implications. We plan to offer Continuous purchase and distribution of menstrual pads and educational events made possible through Crowdfunding and partnerships with corporate and government bodies in each and every benefiting state. We’re indebted to publishing monthly reports and Enhanced media publicity to promote and sustain the initiative.


We plan to employ the activities of certain individuals or group of individuals to take charge of executing this projects in their respective locations powered by this initiative, below are the list of coordinators from the various states in Nigeria.


Just like the popular saying, “We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone”, you’re not alone, just as we stated earlier, if we have just about 200,000 Nigerians to donate as HUGE as #1,000 each in a month, then we definitely should have been able to save over 190,000 girl child for 3 months. We all can simply make this possible with a minimum donation of #1,000 on this campaign today. Thanks.
  • Anene Sewuese


    support Naija Donors Pad a Initiative to help our girl child in Bene state and Nigeria at large

  • Foundation Hospital


    my brothers and sisters less help the girl child by supporting Naija Donors

  • Dr. Ijiko Michael


    my country people less join our hands together and self our girls from health challenges

  • Alh. Garba Baba (AGB)


    May Allah bless you guys for introducing this Pad a Girl initiative, more grace to Naija Donors Ltd

  • AGB-Nigeria Limited


    Please my country people join us to donate for our girls and may bless Naija Donors Ltd

  • Okoye Philip Chibuike

  • Okoye Philip Chibuike

  • Lilian Ehi


    God blesssing are on you

  • Lilian Ehi


    Great initiative, i really appreciate the initiative

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